Oreoit Media is a forward-thinking, practically-minded e-commerce entity that has been providing information since 1999. Oreoit Media is diversified in 25+ niche informational/e-commerce properties providing up to date news, products, reviews, and information.

Our mission is to give consumers content they desire and to deliver the messages of its advertising and marketing partners across our network, we support and inspire local communities and special interest groups, embracing their culture and celebrating their lifestyle. Each of our brands attracts an enthusiastic audience based on market, lifestyle and affinity. Our Short Mission Statement is that we strive for excellence in everything that we do.

Our property list includes latestipads.com for all your Apple/Android tablets, watches, and accessories. Topgolf.org has all your Volkswagen Golf parts and accessories. Discountgolf.org carries top of the line golf clubs, bags, shoes, and everything else to make your day on the greens better. Greggsgotit.com is your consumer electronics top choice online store. Biketubesandtires.com is just that bicycle tires and tubes, plus a few accessories to make changing that tire just a little easier. Tokersmagazine.com which discusses as you might have guessed everything Marijuana. Cheapcannabisoil.com where you can learn and purchase legal CBD products to improve the health of you and your pets. Genuinerecipes.com is the place to go to get inspired in the kitchen and borrow recipes when needed. Newsreloaded.com shares all the latest news from around the world. Marinesurvivalkits.com is a place to purchase survival kits and get up to date information on surviving many different types of natural disasters. WorldClassCamping.com is simply the place to find all the best camping gear on the market, plus we do offer many different tips on camping. TackleBoxGear.com is your fishing headquarters, with the best products at discounted pricing. Sinfulnighties.com to feel and look sexy in some of the best priced lingerie on the market. WorldAdultShop.com is your brown box adult store for those erotic nights in. ChocolateTins.com is an online chocolate store to find the best chocolate from around the world, or just for some great gifts. AmericanSurvivalGear.com the online location for finding the best MRE’s, Survival Gear, and outdoor gear. QuitPlease.com is our stop smoking property offering many different products to help someone quit smoking and learn how others have used certain products to help them quit smoking. SurfFan.com when you are ready to hit the waves, stop by and make sure you have all your paddle boarding and surfing gear. MoveBody.com is a weight loss, exercise, supplement shopping experience to help with those dreaded extra pounds we all seem to add during the year. GreggsBooks.com one of my favorite places to pick up audio books, movies, digital books, and of course actual books. NurturedPetSupplies.com is all about our pets, because we love them as much as we love our children. GoGoWheel.com for all your electric bicycle needs, plus we offer some of the best mountain bikes, road bikes, and beach cruisers as well, including all the accessories you could imagine. WineCorral.com what better time to gather together with friends and family with a glass or bottle of your favorite wine. SmartChoiceDomains.com is the place we go  to find the best Domain Names on the market at realistic prices, plus they offer a lease with option to buy. OreoitMedia.com is the location to learn about all our properties and any new properties coming soon.

We offer products and services from the Internet’s leading suppliers and manufacturers and regularly decline invitations to sell goods on behalf of any organization if we feel that they are not worthy of representing our Company.

We sell around the World, and pride ourselves on offering a level of customer service that we would want to see ourselves if we were shopping online.
Our product ranges change regularly, so we hope that you come back to our sites to see some of the fantastic offers that we regularly have.

We would urge you to understand that we are not a face-less or name-less organization, and want you to know that we are here to help make your online experience as enjoyable and rewarding as we can make it for you.

We hope this brief introduction to who we are will help you to better understand us, and we invite you to browse the rest of our websites at your leisure.