194A U.S. Time Ranger Watch

Military Model Ranger 194 A
Japanese Movement

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2 Pack Lightweight Rain Gear Poncho Emergency Survival Cover Shelter Norwegian Military Surplus

2 Poncho’s
Size- 5′ width by 4′ length (can open to 8′ length to make an emergency shelter). Poncho in pouch approx. size is 5.5″ x 2.5″
Color- OD/Green

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4ucycling Raincoat Easy Carry Rain Coat Jacket Poncho in a Pouch Outdoor, Army Green Lightweight

Ultra light-weight rain coat,uniquely design for optimum comfort levels
Synthetically assembled (nylon made) to offer 100% water resistance and wind shielding.Ideal for all seasons,outdoor use rain gears
Hooded design to offer maximal rain protection in wet weather, featuring full drawstrings for extra comfort

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5ive Star Gear 5662000 Fifty-Cent Covert Knife

Innovative escape knife blade concealed inside a U.S. Fifty-cent coin
Features circular blade made of superior quality Japanese steel
Can be used to cut cord, rope, duct tape, plastic zip-ties, and other non-metallic materials, increasing the odds of Escaping unlawful captivity

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5ive Star Gear GI Spec Anglehead Flashlight

Lightweight and durable
Made to U.S. Military specifications
8 inch overall length

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5ive Star Gear Spy Bolt

An Updated And Improved Version Of The
Old Soviet Keg “Dead Drop” Hollow Bolt
Used During The Cold War

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Berchirly Vintage Military Men Canvas Messenger Bag for 13.3-17″Laptop

Canvas/ Leather
100% brand new & High quanlity
Large single compartment; Retro style

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BLACKHAWK! SERPA CQC Concealment Holster – Matte Finish

The Blackhawk MT SERPA CQC Holster Right Glock 26/27/33 features the patented SERPA lock engages the
It comes with both belt loop and paddle platforms
It also features a full firing grip for draw and immediate retention upon reholstering

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CONDOR Deployment Bag

4 zipper compartments
Buckled compression straps
Adjustable & removable shoulder strap

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Condor Tactical Microfleece Watch Cap

Synthetic microfleece
Great for cold weather
Keeps you comfortable warm in cold environments

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Cyalume ChemLight Military Grade Chemical Light Sticks

INTENSE LIGHT OUTPUT FOR UP TO 8 HOURS means you can get the job done when electric light isn’t an option. The patented, long-lasting formulations in our ChemLight chemical light sticks provide up to 8 hours of 360 degree illumination. The bright blue color can be seen from up to a mile away.
OFFICIAL CHEMICAL LIGHT OF THE U.S. MILITARY – ChemLight military grade light sticks are standard issue for all military personnel, so you know there’s no better alternative available.
VARIETY OF USES – Whether you’re using these chemical light sticks for tactical applications, as part of your emergency kit, for hiking, camping or even just for your children to play with , you can be sure they will provide just the right amount of light necessary.

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EKTOS 80% Wool Blanket, Brown, Light & Warm 3.7 lbs, Large Washable 66″x90″ Size, Perfect for Outdoor Camping, Survival & Emergency Preparedness Use

PREMIUM QUALITY – These medium weight woolen blankets are loom woven and have finished edges on all sides to prevent fraying. Ruggedly designed – they are durable and naturally long lasting
EXCEPTIONAL WARMTH – Wool has an excellent warmth to weight ratio, is one of the best natural insulators, effectively regulates body temperature and even continues to provide thermal warmth when wet
AN OUTDOOR ESSENTIAL – From base camp gear to backpacking – hunting, fishing, travel and boating – wool blankets are a timeless necessity. They are also an important part of any survival, bushcraft or emergency prepardness kit

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