2 LED Emergency Road Flares Red Roadside Beacon Safety Strobe Light Warning Signal Alert Magnetic Base and Upright Stand in Solid Storage case for Car Marine Vehicles Trucks

1, VISIBLE UP TO 3000 FEET AT NIGHT,UP TO 1000 FEET IN DAYLIGHT.Reduce the risk of accidents from roadside breakdown,warning oncoming traffic,especially in the rain or snow bad weather.
2, A MUST HAVE FOR EACH CAR, TRUCK, MOTORCYCLE,BOAT AND MORE.They last longer and are easier to use than standard hazard lights. Can be used in camping or hiking. No fire no fumes no fuss.
3, It can last approx 36 hours when batteries are fresh, AAA batteries not included.

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Best Glide ASE Military Grade Glass Signal Mirror (Mark 3)

The Best Glide ASE Military Grade Glass Signaling Mirrors are the Mark 3 Emergency Signal Mirrors MIL-M-18731E Type I (2 x 3) and Type II (3 x 5).
The Type I (2 x 3) carries the designation NSN: 6350-01-455-6695 and the Type II (3 x 5) carries the designation NSN:6350-01-455-6671.
These military grade signal mirrors are manufactured in the U.S.A. from highly reflexive glass. These are military approved and issued; it was designed for downed pilots and can be seen for miles.

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Blackett Compact Survival Mirror 5-Pack for Signaling and First Aid

Compact Mirrors are about the size of a credit card
Can be used for signaling and self first aid
Compact size fits easily into wallet or survival kit

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Coghlan39;s Signal Mirror

Highly reflective 1/4″ (6.3 mm) laminated glass.
Unique mesh targeting center
Pin-point aiming accuracy.

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Coolrunner 1Pcs Foldable Portable Leather Makeup Mirror Women Beauty Cosmetics Mirror

Gorgeous, light and nice looking design
Inner mirror size: 11.6 * 7.5cm / 4.56 * 2.95in;Mirror size: 17 * 10.5cm / 6.69 * 4.13in
Use as signaling mirror for emergency or as personal grooming mirror

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Cyalume SnapLight Red Glow Sticks – 6 Inch Industrial Grade, Ultra Bright Light Sticks with 12 Hour Duration (Pack of 10)

MADE IN THE USA UNDER STRICT QUALITY GUIDELINES to ensure each light stick works without issue – guaranteed. Rest assured knowing you can trust SnapLight.
PATENTED, LONG-LASTING FORMULATIONS provide high light output for up to 12 hours at a time to help you get the job done when electric light isn’t an option.
GUARANTEED 5 YEAR SHELF LIFE AND INDIVIDUAL FOIL WRAPPING means SnapLight can be safely stored for years until the need arises without harm to the stick or components.

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Emergency Signal Mirror

Emergency Signal Mirror
Compact Lightweight
Strong & Durable construction

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Emergency Signal Mirror, Mark 3, Military Issue

Manufactured from glass for maximum reflectivity, this mil-spec signal mirror is substantially brighter than its plastic counterparts. The Type 1 and Type 2 mirrors can be seen for miles.
This Berry Amendment Compliant heliograph signalling device conforms to US military specification MIL-M-18731E Type I 2 in. x 3 in. (NSN: 6350-01-455-6695) and Type II 3 in. x 5 in. (NSN: 6350-01-455-6671).
Ideal for use by downed pilots, hunters, surveyors, rangers, smoke-jumpers, and any wilderness professional.

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Fail Safe Emergency Whistle With Lanyard – Easy To Use For Signaling Attention – Essential Survival & Personal Safety Gear for Family Vacations, Camping Trips & More – 3 Pack in Multiple Colors

🆘 CAN BE HEARD FROM MORE THAN A MILE AWAY: Your voice is no match for our super loud rescue whistle! Takes minimal energy to use and produces over 100-decibels of high pitched sound. Easy for kids to blow. Just what you need if your family get separated in the backcountry.
🆘 EASY TO CARRY: The handy clip and breakaway lanyard prevents loss and ensures access to your whistle when you need it the most. Compact and lightweight, it fits just about anywhere. Can be worn around the neck or wrist, or attached to your clothing, backpack or lifesaving jacket.
🆘 VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE: These all-weather safety whistles are as tough as the terrain you’re tackling. The heavy-duty ABS plastic is waterproof and impact resistant. Unlike metal whistles, they won’t freeze and stick to your lips in the cold – one less first aid emergency to worry about!

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Fityle Super Loud Emergency Canoe Scuba Dive Safety Whistle Outdoor Survival Signaling Device

Ultra-loud safety signaling whistle with hook & loop
Swivel and crab claw style clip for quick access
Great for outdoor enthusiasts, search & rescue teams, outdoor survival, camping, hiking, kayaking, diving, scuba, anyone who needs an emergency safety whistle.

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FuzzyGreen Pet Collar Clip-on LED Go Anywhere Safety Lights Ball Dark Glowing Disco Pendant

The best safety option for night walks.Flash mode for safety and signaling
Choose from two modes: press once for steady glow, twice for continuous flash.
You also can clip it on your items.Its long-lasting LED provides an ambient glow bright enough for everything from reading fine print to finding your car door keyhole.

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GearLight High-Powered LED Flashlight S1200 – Mid Size, Zoomable, Water Resistant, Handheld Light with 5 Modes – Best High Lumen Camping, Outdoor, Emergency Flashlights

BIGGER, BRIGHTER, BETTER – Hold the Gearlight in your hand and know you’re holding something substantial. With a solid build and blinding brightness, the S1200 outshines any “As Seen On TV” tactical flashlight. This mid-size flashlight is big on power but compact enough to fit in your backpack, survival bag, or car glove compartment.
SUPER BRIGHT & LONG BATTERY LIFE – Ultra wide beam effortlessly illuminates a whole room or backyard. It is 12 times brighter than old incandescent lights. Easily lasts for an entire camping trip using 3 standard AA’s or 1 rechargeable 18650 | 26650 battery. (Batteries are not included)
ZOOMABLE & 5 MODES: Focus in on objects up to 1000 feet away or zoom out to sweep a large area. 5 settings replace the need for multiple flashlights: (High|Medium|Low|Strobe|SOS) Makes for a practical addition to any household or emergency kit.

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