EasyPower 5,000mAh Dual USB Compact Solar Power Bank – 5V Solar Panel Powered Portable Phone Battery Charger for Cell Phones iPhone, Android Compatible, Ultra Bright LED Flashlight, 100% Waterproof

ULTRA HIGH CAPACITY: 5V solar panel + 5,000mAh Powerbank = 1.5 times the average cell phone battery charger. iPhone, Android Compatible (and others) with energy to spare. One of the most powerful solar chargers available.
NO-SLIP GRIP: EasyPower Solar Power Bank features a shock-proof, waterproof, tough rubber casing with “football grips” to keep in in your hand when its wet outside.
DUAL CHARGE USB SLOTS: 2 USB powered slots with 5 Volts of power provide plenty of backup power for charging a cellphone and another USB device simultaneously.DUAL CHARGE USB SLOTS: 2 USB powered slots with 5 Volts of power provide plenty of backup power for charging a cellphone and another USB device simultaneously.

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Esky Upgrade Emergency Radios Hand Crank Self Powered Solar FM/AM/NOAA Weather Radio with 3 LED Flashlight 1000mAh Power Bank Phone Charger

3 charges in one means Esky is always ready when you need it, with USB docks, solar panel and hand crank
Phone gone flat Esky’s USB and Micro USB ports give your phone charge the boost it needs when juice is running low
Flashlight provides you worth 140 Lumens of super bright light, so you won’t ever get caught in the dark

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RISEN Emergency Blankets(5-Pack) with Waterproof Silver Mylar and up to 90% Heat Retention Thermal Blankets for First Aid Kit,Outdoors Survival,Camping,Hiking,Sports(51″ x 83″)

CONSERVING BODY HEAT-The Emergency blankets are military-grade 12-micron dual-sided Mylar,reflect back more than 90% of radiated heat.Personal warmth in an emergency or as a supplement, such as inside a sleeping bag, coat or blanket to help keep in body can easily throw them in your hiking backpack, car, first aid kit, go-bag, camping gear, or emergency kit at home or at workplace.
MULTIPLE USAGES-The first aid blanket has many uses for the prepper, survivalist, camper, hiker, gardener and homeowner,can use as cloak,tent footprint,backpack cover,rain poncho, emergency signal, solar oven,shade cover, fishing lure, bird repellent, emergency shelter, sleeping bag liner, ground cover, bivouac sack, wind blocker,arm sling, tourniquet, bivvy, trail marker, water collector, snow melt container.etc.
LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE-Each Emergency Mylar Blanket is individually sealed.Its size is very small to fit in the palm of your hand or pocket when folding,It extends the size of 51 * 83 inches,large enough to completely wrap a 6 foot man or large person.These mylar thermal blankets are sold in a 5-pack.

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Solar Rechargeable LED Lantern Collapsible for Camping, Outdoors, Emergency- Built In Power Bank, Emergency Charger for Phone, Water Resistant, Flashlight for Outdoor Hiking, USB Charging, Solar Panel

RECHARGEABLE- Use solar energy or included USB cable to charge the internal 800 mAh battery. Lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge. 3 light modes are low- high- flashing.
PORTABLE- Use as a lantern when fully stretched, or as a flashlight when collapsed. Easy to carry and store.
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL- Use it for camping, hiking, or emergencies. Hang as an overhead light using the included carabiner hook. Use as power bank to partially charge cell phone.

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topAlert 2-PACK HY-88WB Emergency Dynamo Solar Self Powered AM/FM/WB(NOAA) Radio, Flashlight, Charger for Cell Phones: iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android, Smartphone, USB device

2018 Upgraded Version with stronger 3.7V 1200 mAh Li-ion battery and full USB ports. Very compact, light, and easy to carry yet loaded with many important functions which are a must have for any survival kit.
This must have emergency toolkit radio comes with a AM/FM/WB(NOAA) weather band radio, a powerful LED flashlight, Dynamo hand crank, Solar Power, large 3.7V 1200 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery inside(replaceable), and USB power/charging of radio.
Multiple ways to power/charge the radio: hand crank to wind up internal alternator, expose to sunlight to charge by solar panel, DC recharge by connecting the micro USB cable to computer. This is a self power emergency radio that you and your family can depend on, anytime anywhere, any weather.

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