Survival Gear is the most unused product until a natural disaster happens, then it’s the most desired products, but usually too late to help those that really need the help.

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A Higher Good

Because I know you have given the image of God a lot of thought, I’m sure you will find my book interesting. Here’s the introduction, which also serves as a synopsis: A HIGHER GOOD INTRODUCTION CAIN’S QUESTION I was fifteen when I died. It was long before anyone used the phrase “Near Death Experience” or

Gurdjieff’s Cheek

“I do not pretend to understand George Ivanovitch,” said Mme Ouspensky. “For me he is X.” It was January 1924 and her husband had just left Gurdjieff. His leaving – with the added admonition to his students forbidding them to see or speak about Mr. Gurdjieff – put into high relief the by-then perennial question: