Survival Gear is the most unused product until a natural disaster happens, then it’s the most desired products, but usually too late to help those that really need the help.

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The Badass BOV

There are many viable options for vehicle to use for a Bug Out. They range from traditional cars, pickup trucks, the classic SHTF SUV, war wagons, RV units, motorcycles, watercraft and even aircraft. Anything that can carry you away from the mayhem. Then along comes the most-boss BOV or Bug Out Vehicle ever. This is

Lunch Bag Mini Fire Kits

John J. Woods Magnolia Outdoor Communications LUNCH BAG MINI FIRE KITS Most preppers are probably into recycling as well as many other socially redeeming programs. In our city, we get recycled paper products and plastics picked up once a week that is supposed to contribute of offsetting our monthly water and sewer costs. I’ve never