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Tips On How To Stay Healthy On A Cruise Ship

admin By admin June 7, 2021

The ship, international waters and sunsets, yes we have it on our summer getaway list as well. We have packed, and we are ready to leave for a holiday of a lifetime, but unfortunately, most of us would not be able to enjoy your trip. Half of us will get sea sick and will continuously throw up and rely on Advil to get through. The rest of us will experience tummy aches, head colds, sunburns, jet lags and all other kinds of ailments.

It is essential to stay healthy and fit once you’re away from home. Remember whenever you step out of your daily routine you let your guard down; your immune system gets weaker especially with the new environment around you. The new air, weather, foods and the microbes pose a threat to your immune system leading towards illnesses and minor health issues. Thankfully we have prepared a checklist for all those of who intend to travel this year.

1) Stay hydrated – We cannot insist enough on the fact to keep your body replenished with enough water. While sightseeing, sunbathing or doing the day to day activities your body loses water. It is important that you keep taking sips of water throughout the day so to prevent dehydration and the consequences that tag along.

2) Don’t drink the local water – Having said the above we never recommend you to drink the local water or indulge yourself in drinks that are prepared with local water or ice as your body is not used to it and can cause problems like diarrhea, dehydration, vomiting and food poisoning. Take your own bottled and sealed water and snacks from the ship when you head out. Never hesitate in asking the restaurant owners and chefs regarding the kind of water from which the meal was prepared.

3) Exercise – Most of us let ourselves go on a holiday. In our opinion, it is one of the worst things that one can do to him/herself. The breath-taking views, the new air and the company that surrounds you will take up most of your time, but it is crucial that you take half a daily from your routine and hit the gym. Most cruises are equipped with a proper gym and trainers ready to help you exercise and distress during the trip. This activity will contribute to freshen your mind and body, help with digestion and keep you active and fit.

4) Stay away from uncooked meat and spicy dishes – Honestly, it’s difficult to stay away from all the yummy and mouthwatering cuisines that the cruise has to offer but remember don’t overload your system with too many things that you will later regret. Uncooked meat, sardines and our beloved sushi is a big NO! Stay away from overly spiced up food because that can cause gastric problems. Skip on the exotic chutneys and dressings and eat as much of local fruits and seasonal cooked vegetables as possible.

Source by Hammad H Sheikh