Affiliate Marketing – 6 Affiliate Marketing Survival Tips

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The 6 affiliate marketing survival tips that I have listed below, have worked extremely well in the past for online marketers, and are still working in today's highly competitive affiliate marketplace.

If you choose to follow these 6 affiliate marketing survival tips, your affiliate sales will increase, and your online survival in the marketplace will be assured.

There is no single magic formula that will increase your paycheck outside of hard work, dedication to what you are marketing, and following the proven marketing practices sketched out in these 6 affiliate marketing survival tips.

1 – Promote each affiliate product that you are marketing separately from the others by using web pages that are unique to each product.

Many affiliate marketers try to lump all their affiliate products together to save on web hosting costs. This sounds like a money saving tactic, but in fact is a bad choice.

A web site focusing specifically on one product, keeps the reader's attention centered on only one product, and will produce a greater return, regardless of hosting costs.

2 – Write a product review so that visitors will fully understand what the product can do for them if they choose to purchase it.

Include favorable product reviews from all customers that will allow you to use their names and pictures on your website. Favorable product testimonials will go a long way toward cementing the credibility of the affiliate product you are promoting.

3 – Make your web pages compelling and visually attractive to your visitors.

Include an additional page on your website, with an article that highlights the use of the affiliate product you are promoting. Your article should be a "call to action" that includes an attention grabbing headline, that will hold the readers attention, and urge them to ask for more information about the affiliate product you are promoting.

4 – Offer free reports to your readers and position them in an area of ​​your web page where they can not be missed.

Research shows that the top left side of your web page is where the majority of readers initially focus their attention. Position your most important information in this location for maximum exposure.

Be sure to include an auto responder sign up box, with a compelling message you can send your reader to get them to return to your website.

Research shows that it usually takes 6 to 7 visits before an actual sale is finalized with a prospect. It is a rare occurrence for a prospect to purchase a product on the first visit unless they are specifically searching for it.

Add the script, so the bookmark is positioned in the upper left portion of your web page. This gives it immediate visibility, so that it can be used by the prospect, to easily bookmark your web page for later viewing.

5 – Following up with your prospect is another affiliate marketing survival tip that should never be forgotten.

Remember that only two things can occur with an initial website visit:

A – You can close the sale.

B – Your prospect will leave the page and never return.

Following up the initial visit, and placing additional, useful, product information into your prospect's in-boxes at regular intervals, will remind them of the product, and hopefully close the sale.

It is important to give your prospect specific reasons why they should buy the product and not make it appear as a sales pitch. You do not want to be flagged as a spammer by the prospect or the email filters.

Including compelling lines in the email that focus on how your product can make life easier or more enjoyable for your prospect. Avoid using the word FREE in the email. Older e-mail filters will dump your email before anyone ever gets to see it, if the word FREE is used too frequently.

You can convince your prospects who signed up for your report, that they are missing out on something really big, without using FREE to boost your argument.

6 – Another affiliate marketing survival tip is to attract only TARGETED traffic to your website, by writing specifically targeted articles.

People looking for something other than what you are offering on your website, have absolutely no interest in buying anything at all from you.

Consider writing articles for publication in e-zines, e-reports, article net, and others. This tactic can develop targeted prospects for your website, in a very short period of time.

Write a minimum of two articles a week, with good unique content, using between 250 and 500 words. Do this continuously, and over a period of time, you can generate up to 100 targeted prospects per day. This sounds like a lot, and starting out fresh, it is, however, only 1 in 100 visitors will likely purchase your product.

Using this statistic; you can correctly assume that 1000 or more targeted prospects per day, should generate approximately 10 sales. In reality, an effective, nicely constructed sales page, should generate more than 10 sales daily.

Using these 6 affiliate marketing survival tips for your other affiliate programs, and following through with them, will provide you with a good source of income and insure that you will survive in this highly competitive business.

Source by John Neila