Emergency Food Storage In Small Spaces

Running out of additional area for food storage? Make more space in your house with these storage ideas for preppers!

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Emergency food storage can be among the greatest obstacles of the prepper way of life. We understand it is necessary to have actually food conserved up for an SHTF circumstance , however the truth is often we simply do not have sufficient space to save all of it.

Food storage centers are specifically challenging for preppers residing in apartment or condos or houses without much additional storage area.

Contributor Gaye Levy has some terrific, space-saving food storage concepts and has actually been kind enough to share them with us. Take a look at her concepts listed below, and learn more of her posts over at her site BackdoorSurvival.com .

One of the more typical prepper difficulties is discovering space for saved food and water. Fortunate you if you have a big house with a basement or cellar –– you have a lot of area at simply the ideal temperature level.

But the rest people? Not a lot.

Many individuals reside in apartment or condos, apartments, mobile houses, Recreational Vehicle’’ s or, in my case, a one bed room home. This suggests we are constrained for the typical kitchen and closet area not to mention area for our emergency situation food and water.

Couple the absence of storage area with the requirement to be conscious of the 6 opponents of food storage (temperature level, wetness, oxygen, light, insects, time) and the storage issue substances greatly.

.16 Food Storage Tips for the Space Challenged Prepper.

This does not need to be a difficult circumstance. With a little imagination, practically everybody can discover a little bit of additional area for their emergency situation food storage.

So with that in mind, today I wish to use some concepts for saving food for the area challenged. I am going to do this by utilizing my own house as an example.

In the pictures listed below you will see the outcomes of my walk-around evaluation of functional storage area in my own house. As humiliating as it may appear to expose my messes and poor organization for the world to see, I believe it will assist offer you some concepts where you too can discover some additional area in your own house.

.1. Construct Some Shelves Under the Stairwell.

| If you resemble me, that uncomfortable area under the stairwell is a huge mess. I really cleaned this location out prior to taking the picture –– that is how bad it was.

If you wear’’ t wish to develop racks, think about putting some containers along the back wall then putting a board on top. Make-shift rack, you can save # 10 tins or canned and packaged foods.

This is going to be the primary transformation in my house.

.2. Racks Above the Washer and Dryer.

The location above the washer and clothes dryer is not perfect considering that it is vulnerable to heat and humidity. Still, if you are persistent about turning on a yearly basis, this location is completely appropriate for keeping some canned items or Mylar bags filled with rice, beans or oatmeal.

In my case, I have some dead area beside the cabinet –– best for a rack or more.

.3. Construct Some Shallow Shelves Behind the Clothes in Your Closet.

| Most closets are far much deeper than required for your hanging clothing. Including a rack simply large adequate to hold canned products will make the most of this additional area without jeopardizing your clothes one bit.

.4. Clear Out the Junk on the Shelf Above Your Clothes in the Closet.

Talk about a waste of area. I have actually kept some ornamental shams up on the closet rack above my hanging clothing.

I utilized to keep the shams on the bed however to inform the fact, it made making the bed excessive problem so now I pull them out when a business is coming. Many definitely, these pillows can be saved in my garage where it gets actually hot in the summertime and truly cold in the winter season.

.5. Racks on the Backs of Doors.

As an option to racks, you can buy some economical over the door shoe organizers for saving canned products or mineral water.

.6. Stack Canned Goods or Jugs of Water Behind the Sofa.

| If your couch is risen versus a wall, think about moving it out a couple of inches and utilizing this brand-new discovered area for food and water storage .

.7. Racks Under the Sink.

As long as the food you save under the sink is well sealed, it is completely alright to utilize this area for storage. Think about a rack simply large sufficient to hold soda or juice containers filled with rice or beans –– ideal.

.8. Storage in the Deep Recesses of Your Cupboards.

This is a storage location I had actually not believed of in the past. The back on the extremely leading racks of my cabinets are locations I think about to be no guy’s land.

I climbed up on an action stool to peek inside and saved there are dishes and cups I never ever utilize, chances and ends of glasses, and products I have actually dragged from house to house throughout my 38 years of marital relationship. This things needs to be tossed out or handed out.

Why do I keep this things?

Take an appearance inside your own cabinets. Do you have casserole meals you never ever utilize?

How about the ““ great china ” just utilized once a year if that frequently? These are prospects for the garage or the garage sale.

Box them up and include your food storage.

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.9. Storage Above the Refrigerator.

| Ditto the above. Mine is expensive to get to every day and unfathomable to be useful.

At the extremely least, the back of the location above the fridge can be utilized to emergency situation food storage.

.10. Storage in Decorative Baskets.

| This is among my favorites. I enjoy baskets and utilize them to save all sorts of things in plain sight.

I utilize one for my bread making materials, another for pet food and deals with, another as a potato bin. These are right there in my living-room however nobody is the smarter.

Like I stated, concealed in plain sight.

.11. Storage Behind the Books on Your Bookshelf.

If you take place to gather books, think of pulling the books out towards the edge of the rack and saving food behind the books.

.12. Storage Under the Bed.

This one is simple so I am shocked more individuals wear’’ t consider this alternative. Not just that, you can utilize some well-placed bricks to raise your bed and to increase the height of your under-bed storage location.

.13. Storage Under the Sofa or Other Pieces of Furniture.

Do not mark down the shallow storage location under your couch, chairs or other furnishings. This is where I keep my additional big 15” ” cast iron frying pan (my 12” ” frying pan calls the oven house) along with my flat pans, pizza peel, parlor game, and other products.

As you walk your own house and stock area, watch for things that can be walked around and kept in out of the method locations such as under the furnishings.

.14. Fill Those Empty Suitcases.

| Unless you are a service tourist, opportunities are you just utilize your travel luggage one or two times a year. Empty travel suitcases are perfect for keeping food that has actually been packaged in Mylar or FoodSaver bags.

This works similarly well for pasta, rice, cereals, and other packaged products from the supermarket.

Consider keeping the private plans of food in a big trash can then packing the entire thing into a luggage. That method you can merely eliminate the single big bag when you are prepared to take a trip, set it aside throughout of your journey, then change it when you get house.

As a perk, if you require to leave, you can get your luggage filled with food and take it with you. Pretty cool, huh?

.15. Shop Buckets in the Bathtub.

I understand individuals who never ever take a bath or do so just periodically. This is not to state they are filthy –– they just choose the shower.

Why not fill the bath tub with well-sealed containers of food? You can install a good shower drape and nobody will be the smarter.

You might likewise save a container or more in the shower. Eliminating it prior to turning on the water is not such a huge offer.

By the method, the factor you wish to utilize a container in the shower is so that the humidity from the restroom does not seep into your food. That, plus the reality that is simple to simply raise the pail and set it aside –– a lot simpler than a lot of different plans or cans.

.16. Develop a Loft for Storage in the Garage.

| We constructed a storage loft in our garage. You can put a rack around the upper boundary of the garage rather if you do not have a high peaked ceiling like we did.

This is a fantastic location to save those little secondhand cooking area home appliances, off-season clothing, and other little secondhand products –– making space inside your house for more food.


There are some elements to remember as you examine these covert food storage areas in your house. The very first is just this: your saved food needs to be utilized, changed, and turned. If your storage conditions are not ideal, this is specifically real.

Let me offer you an example. You reside in a warm, damp environment and do not have air-conditioning.

On a hot summertime day, the temperature level inside your house might be 80F and the humidity might be 80%. Okay, it is what it is. Instead of stress about the reduced service life of your kept food, intend on utilizing it after a year or 2.

As long as you change what you utilize, you are great. Your food will still be edible and healthy so turn it into your everyday food kitchen and consume it.

The other thing is your food storage is ““ not an inheritance for your grandchildren.” ” I want I can declare credit for that declaration however it comes from Barbary Salsbury, the author of Preparedness Principles: The Complete Personal Preparedness Resource Guide for Any Emergency Situation .

I had the enjoyment of conference Barbara a number of months earlier and I was knocked to my senses by this declaration.

It is alright to buy what you require to get you through a one month or perhaps a 1 year emergency situation. Utilize your food.

Cook with it and consume it. Discover to prepare your food outdoors, possibly in a fire pit or on a rocket range.

Try consuming it cold. Discover what you like and what you will take a hand down the next time around.

But many of all, wear’’ t believe you need to hoard your food. Consume it, enjoy it, and change it.

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Take a walk around your home and discover areas where you can use these terrific concepts. Undoubtedly there are corners where there’s a build-up of scrap. Just tidy these locations and let your company abilities out.

Do these concepts assist release some unused area in your house? Share your ideas with us in the remarks area listed below!


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