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Parachute Squadron RAC Army Survival Kit

admin By admin June 2, 2021

Hi my name is Bill Whitmore. I am an ex-army parachutist, Para sqn RAC we did some training with the SAS Special Air Service, in the desert and jungle, Middle East and Burma.

The SAS drove pink land rovers in the desert, believe it or not pink blends into the desert making them hard to see. The training was called escape and evasion, this is where we were given a route to follow and somewhere along the route we would get caught by the SAS. We would then be tortured i.e.: kept awake for day’s lack of food and physically and mentally abused. Hoods over our heads, taken away from our location, hands tied behind our backs, got knocked about and as above, looking back it was a good experience, we trained hard.

Then we would escape, we stole a Bedford truck and dumped it miles from where we were going, taking with us what we could carry and use, then make our way to a pacific location ready to capture the enemy, this was a waddy or an oases. In the middle of the desert and a small town. This meant digging our self’s in and staying put for days on end with the SAS still looking for us.

We lived in this whole the size of a grave for a week. This meant living of the land, setting traps for food, finding water. We stole food at night and drank from the oases, we had to crap into bags and leave no trace of ourselves, and there were four of us in this whole. It was good fun.

Now the point of all this is we needed a survival kit, which we had sewn into our clothes. Our survival kit was water safe tablets, polythene bags, matches in candle wax. Para cord fishing line, fishing hooks, safety pins, needle and cotton, a rope saw, razor blade a small candle and a small compass.

When it was not sewn into our clothes we kept it in a tobacco tin, we used this survival kit in a lot of situations in my army career, I was never without it, and we used it at times for fishing setting traps, lighting fires, carrying water, cooking, making shelter and living off the land. I have some think for you that is free it’s the survival grenade.

What is a “Survival Grenade”? It’s a compact survival kit that includes 15 essential survival items tightly wrapped up in to small grenade shaped package that can be used as a key-ring, clip onto your belt or bag. Valued at $24.99

Source by William Whitmore