The LED Rescue Light Should Be in Your Wilderness Survival Kit

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The new LED Rescue Light is a form of a wilderness survival kit. It has the tools that can get you home to your loved ones after being lost or injured in the outdoors.

Anyone who spends time in the outdoors of our great country knows (or should know) that at some point in time they are going to have a problem. It might be as simple as running out of gas for their snowmobile or 4 wheeler, twisting an ankle, getting a cut or maybe even taking the wrong trail. Depending where you are from your vehicle or base camp even the above problems could become a serious issue.

After spending almost 25 years with a volunteer Search and Rescue Unit I can tell you that most people do not prepare in advance for problems when they go outdoors. One of the things I heard the most was “… well I never thought it would happen to me”.

Hundreds of people write about wilderness survival kits and what you should place in them. Some of these kits are so large you need a backpack to just carry them. The average outdoor person is not going to do that. They just want to go and enjoy the day or weekend. I am not talking down about these kits, there is a time and place for them and everyone should consider what they are going to do on their trip.

With that being said, lets’ talk about the LED Rescue Light.

It is a tool that is easy to take on any outdoor trip.

  • It Weighs only 4oz.
  • Has a Strobe Light that can be seen for 2 miles and will last for 180 hours
  • Has a 115db survival whistle that can be heard for over 1 mile
  • Has a small keychain flashlight that can last up to 15 hour and is very bright
  • Has a Magnesium Fire Starter stick with striker bar
  • Has a small sharp closeable knife
  • Has a small compass
  • Has a metal signal mirror
  • Has 6′ of 550 Para Cord with fire twine enclosed inside
  • A breakaway Lanyard for wearing this kit around your neck

This unit also has a clip that can hook to your backpack, belt loop or anywhere you want that makes it easy and accessible.

This small Rescue Kit can help you to survive the night. You could take the strobe light and hang it on a tree limb or on your vehicle so that if someone is searching for you they can see the light from about 2 miles away. You could signal someone with your survival whistle. You could take the fire twine from the Para Cord and use the Fire Starter stick to get a fire going. You could take the Para Cord, pull the small strings from the center of it and help build yourself a shelter. In the daytime you could use the signal mirror to attract help.

With the LED Rescue Light kit you have a much better chance of surviving in the outdoors. Just slip it around your neck with the lanyard or hook it to your belt. It’s that easy!

I know your family and even your friends will appreciate it.

This unit is like a Body Guard. You should never leave home without it!

Source by Lee H Johnson